1997-1999: Lesotho Highlands Water Project

jackie king

Project Director and Leader of the three-year, multi-million dollar contract for advising on environmental flows for river courses downstream of Lesotho Highland Water Projects dams. This project, employing 27 river scientists, social and health specialists and economists, resulted in the development and application of DRIFT, a new, scenario-based approach for flow assessments, which included a strong socio-economic component.

Client: Lesotho Highland Development Authority.

2001-2007: Integrated Basin Flow Management for the Lower Mekong River

Jackie King

World Bank Advisor introducing the concept of Environmental Flow Management for rivers to the four riparian countries of the lower Mekong River (Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand, Viet Nam).

Later, Technical Advisor to the Mekong River Commission on Integrated Basin Flow Management.

2004-2011: Pangani River Basin Management Project

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Project leader of a multi-disciplinary team, and senior advisor on environmental water allocations for the Pangani Basin, Tanzania.

Funders: IUCN and Tanzanian government.

2008-2010: Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis of the Okavango Basin Project

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Leader of a 41 member, four-country technical team from the Member States (Angola, Botswana, Namibia) for the Environmental Flow Assessment component. Our first full basin Environmental Flow Assessment for this globally iconic, close-to pristine, river system before major water-resource developments have been decided upon.


2013: Establishing preliminary environmental flows for the Kafue Basin, Zambia

Jackie King

Project Leader establishing preliminary environmental flows for the Kafue Basin, used in water-resource planning for climate change.

Client: GFA Consulting Group, Germany.

2009-2014: Impact Assessment of the Kishenganga-Neelum River Water Diversion, Pakistan

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Project Leader for the Impact Assessment and Environmental Flow Assessment of the proposed Kishenganga Dam in India and its potential impact on downstream Pakistan. Appointed by the Pakistan Joint Indus River Commission to lead preparation of the environmental documents for the Permanent Court of Arbitration, The Hague. Gave testimony in the Court case.

Client: Pakistan Commissioner for Indus Waters.

2015-2016: Multi-sectoral Investment Opportunities Analysis for the Okavango Basin

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Ecological Lead on this project to assist OKACOM and the Member States to identify possible water-resource developments that could support the overarching goals of poverty reduction, improved livelihoods, reduced vulnerability to economic or ecological risk and shared prosperity, while ensuring environmental sustainability.

Client: World Bank.

2015-2016: Good Practice Handbook - Environmental Flows for Hydropower Projects

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One of four authors of the Good Practice Handbook, which included a decision tree designed to guide World Bank project managers through the process of selecting an appropriate environmental flows assessment level for hydropower project developments.

Client: World Bank.

2018: Development of the Luangwa Basin Configuration Model and User Manual

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Project Leader of a project to develop a rapid method and software for assessing the likely impacts of water resource development on the Luangwa River system, Zambia.

Funder: WWF-Zambia.

2017-2019: Technical assistance for the programme for transboundary water management in the Cubango-Okavango River Basin

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Ecological Lead with specific focus on ecological modelling, decision support systems, basin development plan, environmental flows, and sustainable development manifested through the Development Space concept. Funder European Union.

Client OKACOM.